Sarah Greene's Guitar

Photographed At The Vanilla Bean
Pomfret, CT, February 7, 1997

Sarah Greene's Guitar 5

This a picture of Sarah Greene's guitar. Sarah calls it "the ugliest guitar in the world" - but I would call it "the most fascinating guitar in the world." It was originally a 1957 Stratocaster Retro. Sarah liked the sound but found the guitar too large to comfortably play. She tried smaller guitars but did not like their sound. One day, in a leap of faith, she took a saw to the Strat, cut it to fit her frame (most guitars are designed for large men), replaced the pickup, rewired a bit, mounted an effects pedal box, and spray foamed the loose wires in place. Then she added some velcro to hold picks. And there it is... and sweet it sounds... catch Sarah the next time she's in your town and see how the guitar becomes part of her (sorry I don't have a photo of her playing... blame the photographer!)

Sarah's Home Page

Call 1-800-579-9528 to Order Sarah's New MonkMusic Release "Never Been So"

Sarah Greene

Photo by James Schuck

Sarah Greene's Guitar 7

sarah greene with old guitar

Sarah with guitar pre-modifications
from the PRIME-CD site - check out her first self-titled recording

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